A Book Fair Paragraph /My Visit to a Book Fair

A Book Fair Paragraph /My Visit to a Book Fair

After reading this post you can write 1. A Book Fair Paragraph 2. Your/ My visit to a Book Fair Paragraph. All paragraphs are suitable for the students of class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, JSC, 9, 10, SSC, 11, 12, HSC.

Paragraph on A Book Fair Paragraph

A Book Fair Paragraph: A book fair is a fair where different types of books are brought for both sale and show off. January and February are the best time for organizing book fairs. So, a book fair is usually held in those months. In our country, it is held in almost all cities and towns. The largest book fair is organized by Bangla Academy on the occasion of the 21st of February. The main purpose of a book fair is not sales but it offers a rare opportunity to assess the advancement made in the publication of books. A book fair helps to create new writers as well as new readers. It inspires common people to form the habit of reading books.

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Book fairs usually bear the testimony of the refined tastes and national culture of a country. Book fairs remind us that books are our best friends. They change our outlook on our minds and widen our domain of knowledge. Again we get these best friends at a cheaper rate from a book fair. Generally, a committee is formed to organize a book fair. The committee makes all the arrangements to make the book fair successful. The committee should take some practical measures to make the fair successful. There should have an arrangement for refreshments. Seminars and cultural programs should be arranged. Moreover, strict security measures should be taken. The government should encourage writers and publishers to publish creative books. Books should be sold at a cheap price.

Paragraph on My Visit to a Book Fair

My Visit to a Book Fair Paragraph: A book fair is a special kind of fair where various kinds of the book are both displayed and sold. It gives us an opportunity to purchase books at a cheap rate. Recently I visited a book fair at Bangle Academy premises. Actually, a book fair is an annual function of Bangla Academy. Bangla Academy arranges the fair in memory of our language martyrs. It is termed as "Amor Ekushey Boi Mela." Whenever I entered the meld premises, I was really pleased with the calm and quiet environment.

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I bought some books of varied interests. Although it was brimming with people, there was no chaotic situation. I saw book lovers humming in the stalls without any Double. According to my list, I collected some valuable books without any hard. I also pleased very much with the decoration of the premises. I was really fortunate as I met some eminent writers in our country and I took autographs from them. Actually, I was really happy with the book fair. It will uphold our culture in the arena of world literature.

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